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The Providence Center
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The Providence Center

To spend a day at the Providence Center isn't like anything most of you experience during your day on the job. With nearly 500 developmentally disabled adults to care for, the day is always mixed with challenges, obstacles, some joy, and yes, some discouragement. 
The day begins with 32 vans traveling all over the county picking up our clients and delivering them to one of our seven locations where they will spend their day.  Many of these people are fully dependent on our staff members for their care.  However, several just need a little support and encouragement and they swing into action working on our Mobile Crew doing landscaping jobs, our Janitorial Maintenance Crew, at our horticulture facility, the pottery and art institute, the wood shop, crafts center or Baldwin Industries.  At each of these program centers THEY FIND FULFILLMENT!


The mission of The Providence Cener is to provide opportunities that allow adults with disabilities to enjoy more independent, valuable, self-determined, and functioning roles in society.

Providence Center's activity centers provide supports and services to individuals who have severe or profound disabilities. These supports may include, but are not limited to individualized health care, assistive technology, community experience trips, and individualized skills training. Providence Art Institute provides professional, comprehensive, and integrated instruction in the visual and performing arts for all, with an emphasis on the needs of artists with disabilities. Other services include supports and services to individuals with an emphasis based on community integration; individuals over 50 who wish to retire and participate in social/leisure activities, meal preparation, and health care monitoring; opportunities for individuals to experience greater involvement in the community through companionship, volunteering, and group activities. Providence Earthtones provides the opportunity for individuals to develop their creativity and increase their work skills through woodworking, crafts, pottery, and horticulture. Work opportunities include contract work in a factory setting, mobile janitorial crews which perform supervised cleaning for local businesses and offices. Providence Center supports each person according to the principles of self-determination. The individuals and/or care givers will determine both the type and frequency of support needed to achieve the desired outcomes and goals. Program planning is an integral part of successful delivery of services and the individual and family will be involved through the interdisciplinary team process.

Special Considerations: Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and have a primary diagnosis of Mental Retardation.

For more information type The Providence Center of Maryland in your browser window, and thank you for your interest in supporting this worthwhile organization by your participation in the Hot Rod JalopyRama either as a spectator or participant.  Sincerely, The Rusty Nuts Hot Rod Group