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The Rusty Nuts Hot Rod Group is a group of guys who are reliving thier younger years by building and driving jalopies in the style of the late 50s & early 60s.
The Hot Rod JalopyRama is their attempt to bring you back to a simpler time when hot rod shows were just that, a show!   They're not into the glitz and trophy mongers of 21st century car shows. 
This display of hot rods, custom cars and real jalopies will take your memories back, back to the back roads where a grudge race was held; where engines were changed under the tree in the back yard with ropes, chains, and sweaty friends all dressed in white t-shirts and dungarees. 
For the younger set these hot rods will look entirely foreign; no neon, no rice rockets, no boom boxes, no far out electronics, just simple flathead mills or small block V8 engines tuned to perfection and dressed out with the best performance parts the owner could afford at the time.
So come to the show support the Providence Center and travel back in time to a simpler place where hot rods ruled the street and the coppers gave ya' a break! (if they could catch ya'!)
Keep an eye out for new info since this is a first,  everything is still subject to improvement- another words this site is just like your hot rod, jalopy or custom the're never done; always being improved!