The 1st Hot Rod JalopyRama

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The Providence Center
So, you want to contact us about the JalopyRama.  GREAT!
Send an email to and we'll be sure to get back to ya' as soon as we can.
Remember this show is by invitation only, so you can expect to see some of the coolest retro-rods, customs, and just plain old fashion jalopies from the East Coast.

Special raffle items and a silent auction with items reminiscent of the Christmas Holidays from the 50's will take place during the show.
Information about the Providence Center of Anne Arundel County will be displayed at the Armory. 
A limited outside vendor area is available on a first come basis.  Vendor spaces will be $30 for the day.  We already have some cool 50's clothes & stuff vendors just itchin' to get in.
Food and drink will be availble (no glass bottles allowed on the property - so don't bring em)

Thanks for visiting our site!  Spread the word the 1st Annual Hot Rod JalopyRama is coming back to the Armory!  There hasn't been a show of this caliber ever, anywhere!  and probably won't be another 'til '05!
The last time a hot rod show was held at this Armory, guys & dolls were wearin' straight legged pants, poodle skirts, drinkin'
National Bo, and smokin' Lucky Strikes!